About Us

Cascade House

Cascade House Embroidery is situated at Creswick in the centre of the Golden Triangle approximately 15km from Ballarat in central Victoria. 

Creswick is an historic gold mining town as is evident from the number of disused mine shafts in the area.

Cascade House Embroidery is totally Australian and is now one of the largest producers of Fine Embroidery Yarns and Ribbons in Australia. 

Where possible our yarns are produced in Australia from Australian sheep and goats fleece to finished yarns of various types in our own mill.

Cascade House Embroidery will always endeavour to produce the best quality at the best possible price for you the embroiderer.

Cascade House Embroidery threads are sold throughout Australia, in selected Needlework and Craft Stores that service you the embroiderer and are also exported to 8 countries, the latest being Turkey.

Our products are not sold in chain stores.

If you cannot locate our threads please contact us for assistance or ask your local needlework shop to stock Cascade House Embroidery.